Monday, October 20, 2008

It comes with a calculator pocket!

:) Mother got me a sweet cardi the other day and of course I love it! It's even got a calculator pocket so I'll always know the square root of 63 (which happens to be a dirty number!). So yeah, it's rad rad rad.
Anyways, tozay we tally-hoed down to my favourite little coffee shop for some cafe mocha (which was EXCELLENT, may I add!). The nice lady who works there told me I have awesome style and it made my day :)
Oh, and I picked up some sweet lens-free specs today!

calculator pocket!

ha, i got a wicked cramp

tee, misc. cardigan, old navy. jeans, misc. frames, dolla store.


iM{WaYBeTTeRTHaNYoU} said...

nice outfit! - the belt.

Heybigtrender said...

those glasses are too rad.

and that last photo is yum!