Saturday, November 22, 2008

A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insights

A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insights
Hey kids,
I went shopping yesterday with C and stumbled upon Maybelline XXL Curl Power and XXL Volume+Length mascara. You know, the one with the white end and the black one? Well they were two for one ($7 per pack of two), so we bought both and split them up. I don't usually wear mascara (on account of my lucky long black lashes) but I thought I'd try it out. I would have put pictures up but my other camera works like shit. There was no focus whatsoever so I didn't bother. Anyways here's my review.

Curl Power: It had a funny shaped brush and really didn't apply at all. I had to use the end of the brush to actually get it on my
lashes, so it just defeated the purpose of the curved brush.
V+L: Again, it didn't apply well. It just clumped and went all spidery.
Verdict: This mascara is messy, hard to apply and makes your lashes thick and clumpy. The only good thing is that it doesn't flake. I wouldn't buy this again.

(P.S. It doesn't look like that. At all)

(Maybelline, $10 each)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Snowy days+hot drinks

It's quite cold and snowy where I live and my usual tea just wouldn't cut it; I wanted a cafe mocha. But I'm not driving around looking for a starbucks, so I made my own :)
Here's my recipe:
+one pouch of regular hot cocoa mix
+one-three tablespoons instant coffee mix
+one candy cane, a few mint candies or a few drops of mint extract
+one cup hot water
Boil water. Combine hot cocoa and coffee in mug. Add water. Use candy cane as stir stick or add mints/extract. Or, use orange candies/extract instead of mint.

And just in case you were still a little chilly, here's a little something that might warm up the room.

Mat gordon

rescue me

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm gettin drunk all night, ooh I'm gettin drunk all day

Trashy song, no?
Haha it's catchy.

Saturday was T's birthday so all the girls went for dinner Friday night. Some of the ladies and gents went back to her house after. Saturday the gals met at Char's and we went out for Chinese and hit up this slick little coffee shop. And then of course us damn Canadians went to watch the boys' hockey games.
For security reasons, I hid my slick chicks' faces with dinos.

Congrats to Barack Obama (yes I know he doesn't read my blog). I think he'll bring great things to the world. Besides, America needed a change, and they got it. Unfortunately, Canada didn't.

OUTFIT: We went straight from T's to Char's and I only had my clothes from the party so I had to borrow Char's tee, cardi and specs.

YESH, that is an authentic tee, staight outta NYC.

Tee, NY. Cardigan, H&M. Jeans, misc. Specs, vintage. Bag, misc. Shoes, misc.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aw shucks, I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by the rad and lovely Ducktape! Check out her blog

Seven random facts, eh?
Oh dear.

i. i made a sock monkey yesterday. it has a hideous stitch across it's crotch.
ii. i'm the current world champion of screnga. it's like jenga but you use scrabble letters instead.
iii. my internet browser has spellcheck. apparently spellcheck isn't a word...
iv. i love fall out boy because i can relate to their lyrics; i'm pathetic, single and i like to wrap things around my throat. whoa-oh.
v. i could be a model. not because i'm a looker, but for my ability to retain alcohol and drugs and still walk in a straight line with sky-high heels on.
vi. last year i dressed up in a full spiderman costume for my geography exam and nobody noticed anything different.
vii. i'm not allowed in the drama room alone because i always try to steal their cool vintage clothes.

well that's me in an eggshell (i'm allergic to nuts!).
hmm.. well i'm not quite sure who to tag so if you read this, YOU ARE TAGGED! no buts, you're tagged. comment and say i've tagged you. :) have fun