Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's raining men! Hallelujah!

Ahhh, men. I love men. I love fashion. I love them both mixed. Men's fashion is one of my favourite things ever, right next to male models. Here's some of my favourite things on guys.

Pale Green
Soft Yellow

Skinny & Straight Leg Jeans
Rugged Wash
Extreme Fade





So those are my favorite pieces.

Fine Guy Alert:
Lucas Mascarini

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dani is a new season

Currently I've been obsessed with a few different things. I wish I could afford them all but I'll manage to find some cheap alternatives. Here's some of the current "Dani Trends":

Vintage-Inspired Bags
Yeah, very general, but I'm just really into them right now.
Large Croco Clutch from Urban Outfitters ($24.99)
Framed Croco Bag from Urban Outfitters ($29.99)
Coast To Coast Camera Bag from Urban Outfitters ($34.00)

One word. Classic. It just screams earthy and flowy to me. Perfect for spring and summer. And Dani.
Floral Paisley Crochet Tights from Urban Outfitters ($14.00)

Paisley Medium Hinge Wallet from Forever21 ($9.80)
Silk Paisley Scarf from Forever21 ($9.80)

Feminine Skirts
Frilly, florals, soft colours and layers- call me Sally.
Kimchi & Blue Pleated Chiffon Mini from Urban Outfitters ($58.00)
Summer Garden Tiered Skirt from Topshop (
Ditsy Daisy Ra Ra Skirt from Topshop (£35.00)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Updates and Play Dates!

Yesh, I updated. I know that no one really reads this blog but I think I should just note that. I really did hate that old mess of a layout. It's still pretty plain but it'll be better. Soon. Probably. Maybe.

Yesterday I finally got off my ass and some of the girlies got together. Me and Charlotte (she has Polyvore, visit her!) staggered around town for a while. We landed in this rad little thrift store and I snagged the cutest little orange belt and a slick periwinkle/white railroad striped oxford shirt. We literally wandered around for hours in my teeny weeny town. We got some Chinese food and played at every park we could find. Real fun. We met Kelsey, Renee and Chantelle and chilled around telli's house. We walked her rat-dog and it's gonna be a show dog. MEOW. Peace out.