Monday, December 29, 2008


This outfit is from like, a month ago at my friend's cooking party. I don't understand the cheese with the fruit in it. It sounds delicious and classy, but it's really not. It tastes like nausea.
ANYWAYS; the outfit. This is my favourite shirt. It's ruffffffly :) And i got the jeans for FIVE BUCKS so i'm pretty proud. And the cardi is straight outta the kids section at H&M.

action shot

don't mind the greasy-ness. i was clean


that clock's wrong.


Neon said...

Please don't take this creepy.

I just would like to say, that I love all your poses. You know how to position your body perfectly and your eyes are awesome.

The camera wants to marry you. That's how much it loves you.

Dani Ze Flying Lemon said...

well thank you VERY VERY much :)
i have a pretty shitty camera, i'm shocked that these pics aren't as bad as i thought

Sami said...

seriously you should become a model! and i have the same ruffle shirt in pink!