Saturday, March 14, 2009

can't you see that it's just raining, there ain't no need to go outside

shockingly i'm still alive. i'm just too lazy to update, sorry kids. anyways it's march break (aka spring break) for me and i only work a few nights so i should have time for more updates + outfits between shifts and parties. it's my birthday on the twenty first and i still have no clue what to do. anyhoo, happy saint patty's day! get krunk

sweater, old navy. hat, h&m. jeans, misc. earrings, h&m

my favourite perfume, rare gold by avon

i've got you on my mind and wool on my tongue.
laka ukulele, momma made a baby


hannah345meow said...

Love the sweater!

Sami said...

yer gorgeous and that sweater is adorable!!!