Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dani is a new season

Currently I've been obsessed with a few different things. I wish I could afford them all but I'll manage to find some cheap alternatives. Here's some of the current "Dani Trends":

Vintage-Inspired Bags
Yeah, very general, but I'm just really into them right now.
Large Croco Clutch from Urban Outfitters ($24.99)
Framed Croco Bag from Urban Outfitters ($29.99)
Coast To Coast Camera Bag from Urban Outfitters ($34.00)

One word. Classic. It just screams earthy and flowy to me. Perfect for spring and summer. And Dani.
Floral Paisley Crochet Tights from Urban Outfitters ($14.00)

Paisley Medium Hinge Wallet from Forever21 ($9.80)
Silk Paisley Scarf from Forever21 ($9.80)

Feminine Skirts
Frilly, florals, soft colours and layers- call me Sally.
Kimchi & Blue Pleated Chiffon Mini from Urban Outfitters ($58.00)
Summer Garden Tiered Skirt from Topshop (
Ditsy Daisy Ra Ra Skirt from Topshop (£35.00)

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