Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm like a critic.

So last night I was watching Fashion Television, and I didn't really notice until after it was over that I had been scribbling down notes. I've decided to share my opinions on a few of the designers Spring and Fall 2008 collections.

I am ashamed to say that I have never really taken an interest in Rodarte until now. Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the sisters behind it all. They have no formal training but they can still create such wonderful, though-provoking looks. It's women like them that give us all hope.
Their Fall 2008 collection was fabulous. Deemed "Punk Rock Ballerina", the style was theatrically loose, yet the structure and detail was outstanding. Their designs are extremely inspired, which makes them even more desired. Fans include Agyness Deyn, Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman.

Mr. Kors is a busy man; designer and judge on the fabulous show Project Runway. Where does he find time to make such gorgeous collections? His Spring 2008 collection is more prefect than spring itself! Gorgeous pastels, hot solids, bold patterns and ditsy florals combined together are to die for this season. Subtle yet exciting accessories tie it all together; metallic skinny belts, floppy sunhats and "tennis" totes are definitely a must! This country-club collection is the base of my spring attire!

The eccentric style of Dior can never be forgotten, and the Spring 2008 collection is proof of that. All I can say is detail. Their bright, voluptuous pieces made me shiver with a lust that I have never felt towards Dior before. The outstanding hats earrings and makeup was enough for me to want to blow away my entire life savings on those delectable creations. Dior is ingenious, for lack of a better word.

Pucci is a whole different classification of it's own. Those boho inspired tunics and architectural prints are enough to make a woman mad. Gorgeous colour combinations of shimmery metallics, bold hues and heavenly pastels create an insane look for spring. Geometric print bags and bangles deserving of the heavyweight belt complete the look.

What can I say other than love. Marc always was and continues to be one of my favourite designers. Aside from the fact that he is fabulously gorgeous, his creations are genius. His Spring 2008 collection is fun, quirky and professional. The playful, lollipop pieces immediately draw attention and keep it! There's not much I can say other than Marc is fashion.

Tribal prints and safari colours give DVF's Spring 2008 Collection an exotic flair to a chic wardrobe. Bold and bright pieces give a fun feel to an already wonderful line.

Wow, a one hit wonder celebrity making a clothing line. Little to my surprise, it wasn't the next Lanvin or Chloe, though it wasn't complete crap. To me, it screamed Forever21. It was mediocre. They're nice looks for spring if you're a teenager in need of cute spring threads for school.

So that's my take on some of the new collections from a few designers.


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