Monday, April 21, 2008

OH SHIT! Trashy Girls.

Is it just me, or are clothes becoming more and more trashy these days? I don't mean wear a boy-neck, floor length, long-sleeve dress, but come on! Honestly, there used to be a lot of cute stuff out there from cute stores, but now it's all see-through tops and track pants. It's stuff that I'd work out in, not wear to a dance.
And people pay waaaay too much money for things like fleece shorts, big, ugly hoodies and slinky track shorts! And they're promoting this slobbiness!
Have some decency, have some fashion sense.

That's just my opinion.
Peace aut,


jamiegirl said...

Woman you SAID IT! Thanks for agreeing with my thoughts on avarage clothing in general, I thought I was alone in this opinion.

kneesock said...

Dead on, dude. I once sat in spanish class, minding my own business. I looked over at the row next to me. SHOCK AND HORROR! All 5 (6?) girls were wearing brown ugg (or ugg-esque) boots. My toes curled inside my (sparkly-laced) chucks.

I once challenged myself to make a set with only icky items in it. Ended up making 5. They might look normal from a distance since I avoided any logo-covered items. I laughed. xD