Friday, May 23, 2008

Pants. They're only sexy when you're not.


Sorry for not updating. No, I didn't get mugged, I was actually held captive by,
sometimes I just ramble.
That was a lie.
I was just busy.

I feel I should update.
The word of the day is sexy. So I'll tell you what's sexy.

Vests. They're fun, comfortable and versatile. And sexy.
Wear a denim with a dress +
Wear an oversized one with just about any top +
Wear one for a menswear look +

Yes, dresses. You may have heard of them. They're sexy.
Wear it with a cute jacket +
Wear it by itself +
Wear it during the day +
Wear it at night +

Girly. Because being feminine is sexy. Sexy I say!
Wear silk +
Wear frilly +
Wear ditsy prints +
Wear lace +
Wear skirts +

Yes. Be feminine and masculine. It's sexy.
Wear suspenders +
Wear blazers +
Wear sneaks +
Wear watches +
Wear specs +

Be exotic. It's sexy.
Wear prints +
Wear scarves +
Wear hats +
Wear glads +

Neons and bolds. They're mega sexy.
Wear colourblock +
Wear specs +
Wear sandals +
Wear bikinis +

Pastels. They're related to brights and should most definitely be paired. They are sexy also.
Wear camis +
Wear oxfords +
Wear scarves +
Wear satchels +

Yes. Things are sexy. Buy me sexy things.

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Helena Exquis said...

I'm agree with you! all this things are sexy, specially vest, oxfords and dresses!
I like your blog, and sorry for my bad english :)