Sunday, May 4, 2008

They call me Jane. THAT'S NOT MY NAME!

So I just got back from musical practice and I'm super excited because the first show is tomorrow! I'm pretty mad at myself because I'm not actually in it, but don't worry, I will be next time. And I'm trying out for the community theatre productions. I'm doing make-up this year, which is mega rad!
Anyways, my favourite store right now (and pretty much always) is Forever21! My my, they have the cutest things for such maaad prices! Here's some of my favourite things for Spring:
And the best part? Total price: $37.90 - WHAT A STEAL. Yes yes yes, I am definitely encouraging you to check out Forever21 and these great products!

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Emma said...

love your blog! check mine out sometime.. mmmmmmkkkkk??

xoxo emma