Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm gettin drunk all night, ooh I'm gettin drunk all day

Trashy song, no?
Haha it's catchy.

Saturday was T's birthday so all the girls went for dinner Friday night. Some of the ladies and gents went back to her house after. Saturday the gals met at Char's and we went out for Chinese and hit up this slick little coffee shop. And then of course us damn Canadians went to watch the boys' hockey games.
For security reasons, I hid my slick chicks' faces with dinos.

Congrats to Barack Obama (yes I know he doesn't read my blog). I think he'll bring great things to the world. Besides, America needed a change, and they got it. Unfortunately, Canada didn't.

OUTFIT: We went straight from T's to Char's and I only had my clothes from the party so I had to borrow Char's tee, cardi and specs.

YESH, that is an authentic tee, staight outta NYC.

Tee, NY. Cardigan, H&M. Jeans, misc. Specs, vintage. Bag, misc. Shoes, misc.

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Anonymous said...

I tried on that cardigan at H&M a few days ago, I ALMOST BOUGHT IT! Also can you add me on polyvore? I'm M!KA
I love your blog!