Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aw shucks, I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by the rad and lovely Ducktape! Check out her blog

Seven random facts, eh?
Oh dear.

i. i made a sock monkey yesterday. it has a hideous stitch across it's crotch.
ii. i'm the current world champion of screnga. it's like jenga but you use scrabble letters instead.
iii. my internet browser has spellcheck. apparently spellcheck isn't a word...
iv. i love fall out boy because i can relate to their lyrics; i'm pathetic, single and i like to wrap things around my throat. whoa-oh.
v. i could be a model. not because i'm a looker, but for my ability to retain alcohol and drugs and still walk in a straight line with sky-high heels on.
vi. last year i dressed up in a full spiderman costume for my geography exam and nobody noticed anything different.
vii. i'm not allowed in the drama room alone because i always try to steal their cool vintage clothes.

well that's me in an eggshell (i'm allergic to nuts!).
hmm.. well i'm not quite sure who to tag so if you read this, YOU ARE TAGGED! no buts, you're tagged. comment and say i've tagged you. :) have fun