Monday, November 10, 2008

Snowy days+hot drinks

It's quite cold and snowy where I live and my usual tea just wouldn't cut it; I wanted a cafe mocha. But I'm not driving around looking for a starbucks, so I made my own :)
Here's my recipe:
+one pouch of regular hot cocoa mix
+one-three tablespoons instant coffee mix
+one candy cane, a few mint candies or a few drops of mint extract
+one cup hot water
Boil water. Combine hot cocoa and coffee in mug. Add water. Use candy cane as stir stick or add mints/extract. Or, use orange candies/extract instead of mint.

And just in case you were still a little chilly, here's a little something that might warm up the room.

Mat gordon

rescue me


*tresdivine* said...

matt gordon for gucci - the hottest!

Anonymous said...

nah ah Mat Gordon for paco rabanne one million is the hottest :D

anonymous who loves MAT GORDON! said...

Mat Gordon for anything <3

jo said...

definitely warmed me up!! thanks :D